Joe Biden Stays Behind After Town Hall, Continues To Answer Questions


Donald Trump likes to refer to Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe,” but apparently he was the one who got tired first Thursday night.

The two presidential candidates held dueling town halls on rival networks ― Trump on NBC, Biden on ABC ― but it’s what they did after their events were over that is getting the attention.

After the president’s town hall, which lasted an hour, Trump stayed for a few photos but didn’t answer voter questions, according to USA Today.

Biden took a different approach: After his 90-minute broadcast ended, he stayed on at least 30 additional minutes to answer questions to voters who didn’t get to speak during the ABC broadcast.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden answers a question from a voter after an ABC town hall event on Oct. 15.

Topics ranged from whether the National Guard should quell protests to the Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban. 

Mediaite noted that Biden received lots of praise for answering voter questions off-camera. Still, ABC came under fire for only showing the interactions in the background while the network’s pundits speculated on what it all means.

Some social media viewers are asking ABC News to make the footage with sound available for viewing, according to Newsweek.

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