CNN Fact-Checker Debunks The Donald Trump 'Lie That Won't Die'


CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale on Monday named the lie told by President Donald Trump that just won’t die.

He then firmly debunked it.

Appearing on “CNN Tonight,” Dale began by dismantling to anchor Don Lemon some of the claims Trump made during his rally in Sanford, Florida, where the president, said Dale, “basically seems determined to run against a version” of Democratic nominee Joe Biden “that doesn’t exist.”

Lemon then aired footage of Trump repeating at the rally his 2016 campaign vow that his promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was almost complete ― and that Mexico was paying for its construction.

“Oh my God. I can do the fact-check on this. And those people, they believe him,” said an incredulous Lemon.

Dale agreed.

“A lot of it is replacement fence,” the fact-checker explained. “And more importantly, tonight, Mexico is not paying for the wall.”

“American taxpayers are paying for the wall both from congressionally-appropriated money and money that Trump has basically seized from other stuff, like the military,” Dale added.

“This is the lie that won’t die,” Dale concluded. “It goes dormant for a while then it seems like around election time it magically returns. And no, Mexico is still not paying for the border wall.”

Check out the segment here:

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