Most Obvious Study Ever Declares Women Like Sex on Vacation


New research confirms what we already knew: Women are more inclined to let their freak flag fly on vacation and less concerned about catching a genital-withering STD from the resort golf pro.

As Medical News Today reported, researchers from the Universities of Illinois and Florida surveyed 853 American women, averaging 23-years-old, about their sexual tendencies when off the grid. Their intention? They wanted to see if and how being on vacation affected women’s judgment about the risks tied to such scenarios as sober and drunk penetrative and non-penetrative sex, protected and unprotected sex and sex with casual and steady partners.

In what we imagine led the researchers to utter a resounding “duh,” responses suggested that, when on holiday, participants were more inclined to be sexually adventurous and felt immune to the consequences of getting down. Alcohol, in particular, seemed to give participants a “psychological excuse” to explore their sexuality while in exotic locales. Those polled also underestimated the potential risk of such acts as oral sex and overestimated the protection of condoms.

In light of participants’ cavalier attitudes, researchers think it’s time to develop tourism-focused sexual health education campaigns. Pasting up a few “The More You Blow…” advertisements, however, probably won’t halt women from getting wild on their weeks off. Margs all around.

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